kiroworld style! gentle reader, we have created a partnership with a local christian radio station, kgbi 100.7fm and kccro 660am/94.5fm. periodically, kiroman will be interviewed by greg vogt and mike shane. today was the inaugural interview and it went pretty darn good, if i do say so myself! this was pre-interview. in the blue is jack, who is a dj... Read more →

may 8, 2010 - june 6, knew her as sister. gentle reader, this blog post is written by muscle barbie. because i could not have written it any finer than she did. Friday I thought to myself multiple times to tell my mom to bring Eliza out to the lake with us. I was up so late just in... Read more →

gentle reader, for those of you who may be part of the chiropractic world, there is a term coined "table talk''. this relates to how the chiropractor talks with his or her patients while on the table or in the room. it is suggested that the talk be kept to chiropractic related topics. i have my own, very distinct, opinion... Read more →