gentle reader, there comes a time when you find yourself in between. and your in between is going to be different than my in between. and my in between today is going to be different than my in between yesterday or tomorrow. it just looks different to everyone. tonight my in between looks like this: interviewing potential chiropractic assistants /... Read more →

gentle reader, living on the edge means being extreme in some way. being extreme means living on the edge in some way. in the 33+ years we have been married, i think kiroman and i have spent a fair amount of time learning what this means in everyday life. obviously, our extreme doesn't look like a real housewives episode of... Read more →

gentle reader, never say goodbye. say see ya later instead. never ignore an opportunity to tell someone you love them. two weeks ago we had to say see ya later to a very dear friend. a woman i spent more than 25 years calling friend. until now, i could not find the words. even today, the words are difficult. they... Read more →

gentle reader, how do you plan for your week? this is how i plan. i have an awesome planner and these smooth writing pens, along with my laptop that houses my recurring tasks, appointments, and special occasions. each pen color represents a different part of my life...and i coordinate that color with my digital calendar...which also syncs with all my... Read more →

gentle reader, them thar be fightin' words, i tell ya! i admit i was rather taken aback when i heard those words spoken out loud. to me. by someone that i had never met before. by someone that knew absolutely nothing about me. that assumption put me in a foul mood, gentle reader. i found myself at a loss for... Read more →

gentle reader, we are putting another thanksgiving weekend behind us. another year of celebrating our thanks. another year of gathering around the family table for a feast with family and friends. another year of reflecting for which we owe gratitude. in our house this year, we put another first behind us. the first year since 1993 that my mom's husband... Read more →