gentle reader, we are putting another thanksgiving weekend behind us. another year of celebrating our thanks. another year of gathering around the family table for a feast with family and friends. another year of reflecting for which we owe gratitude. in our house this year, we put another first behind us. the first year since 1993 that my mom's husband... Read more →

gentle reader, lest you truly believe i live the life of riley, living la vida loca, spending my days like the rich and famous... please, allow me the opportunity to divulge this wonderful life i live, each day, in reality. on july 28, 2018, kirofamily headed out to re-charge our batteries for a week. during our layover, i received a... Read more →

is it too late to send out christmas cards for the 2017 christmas season? i'm asking for a friend. you see, my friend got so excited about christmas cards this past year. so excited. she even booked her family photo session early! i know, right? so she would have time to discover which poses were her favorites and which ones... Read more →